Career Oriented Course

The institution offers three career oriented courses to the students under the dual degree programme. The goals and objectives of each course are described below.

  • 1. Certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma in Computer Application:
    The goals and objectives of this course is to enhance the capacity of women and empower them to meet the challenges of negative social and economic aspects of life through the knowledge of the constitutional provisions, legal aspects and job oriented training programmes of the course.
  • 2. Certificate in Biotechnological Techniques :
    The Certificate Course in Biotechnological Techniques is a special attraction for the students of biology stream. The curriculum of this programme is different from subject Biotechnology taught in many colleges. Under this programme the students are first taught the theoretical aspects of basic techniques of biotechnology and them we give them hands on training on all these techniques. The students have freedom to do their laboratory work with their own hands. This practice helps the students in their skill development.
  • 3. The institution offers following dual degrees :
  • Certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma Course in Computer Application.
  • Certificate Course in Biotechnological Techniques.
  • The college at present offers the above courses to the students of this college as well as students of other local colleges enrolled in B.A. and B.Sc. Courses.